An Introduction to the Strumpy Shader Editor

For my Independent Research Project at College late last year, I was encouraged by my teacher to look into the Strumpy Shader Editor, a package for the Unity game engine which, like the name suggests, is used to edit and create shaders. Let it be known that in no way am I a technically minded person, and as such was quite hesitant about  what I’d find. What I did find was something not too different from Maya’s texturing hypershade editor, a node-based graph system which makes shader creation and editing as simple as connecting the boxes. Oh and the best part is, it’s completely free!

Shader creation was originally the domain of programmers but the Strumpy editor package streamlines the process and makes it far more artist-friendly. That said, I found that the package still required a fair bit of guesswork in order to get things moving. Similarly, tutorials are hard to come by and even they seem to focus on more advanced shader creation. So to compensate, I’ve written up a short guide to the basics (and I mean basic) of the Strumpy Shader Editor so that others can jump right in and explore what the package is capable of. You can download my tute over on the projects page here:

In other news, I’ve added a bit of new art to the illustration and concept pages so be sure to check them out.


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